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Stories in Seven | June | Norman, OK Documentary family photographer

Welcome back to Stories in Seven! This is a monthly blog circle where you will find a collective of storytelling photographers doing what they do best; telling stories. When you get to the end of this post, please click on the link at the bottom to join the next photographer as she shares with you a personal story told in just seven frames, keep on going until you've come full circle.

It was an ordinary Monday.  Big brother was at school, while little sister and I hung out at home.  The third cup of coffee (don't judge, it was Monday) was too much for my tiny bladder to handle.  I snuck off to the bathroom without worries since the two year old seemed to be too engrossed in Sesame street to even notice my absence.  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.  

Sis has discovered that she can get her own snacks by opening the cabinet as much as the child lock will allow and sticking her little hand in.  She has just enough room to spin the lazy susan and grab whatever fancies her.  On this particular monday, she took the opportunity while I was at the other end of the house to help herself to the pantry goods.  This time what she grabbed was not a snack but a box of pancake mix.  Being the free spirited mess of a toddler that she is, instead of putting down the box and trying again for something a little more edible, she played with it.  And played with it.  And played with it, until she was satisfied with the mess she had made.  

When I walked in to find her throwing food all over the floor I considered stopping her but the damage had mostly already been done.  What was a few more minutes spared on clean up worth?  Most definitely not as much as watching her in the moment; exploring, experimenting, and just having an amazing time being a kid.  The whole experience was a good reminder for me: Kids are messy, life is messy, and that is ok.  There is so much beauty and joy to be found in the chaos that exists in our perfectly imperfect days, if we can only allow ourselves the freedom to open up and see it.

Note: If anyone ever finds themselves needing to clean pancake mix out of a camera lens, call me, I can walk you through it  ;).

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