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And then she was two

My baby is two!  Ugh!  I still haven't let it sink in.  My babies aren't babies anymore and it's just too heartbreaking to even think about.

I had big plans for the day before she hit that 24 month mark.  I was going to shoot a day in her life; documenting the entire day from the moment she woke in the morning until she laid down for bed that night.  I really wanted a good record of her right at two, and I also knew that on her actual birthday I wanted to be completely present with her and not distracted by the camera, so the day before sounded like a great plan.  Yeah, I lasted about an hour and a half :(.  I did still manage to photograph a little glimpse at her morning routine as a terrific (or terrible, depending on when you ask) twos.

Well, we made it to her second birthday!  No fancy parties or extravagant trips, just our little family celebrating our littlest member at home, and it was a perfect.  Our morning was spent doing plenty of snuggling, a special breakfast of some of Sister's favorites, and lots of playing.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day much like the day she was born.  The kids hung out outside until after lunch when Sis passed out on the couch for her nap.  

While she slept, big brother and I headed to the store to grab a few things for dinner and of course a cake.  All week anytime anyone asked what she wanted for her birthday, the answer was always the same: "I want a cake."  She didn't want just any cake though; "blue chocolate" was the most oft requested.  Since I am the bad mom, who wasn't prepared enough to pre-order, I was left to the mercy of the bakery case.  The only blue cakes they had were vanilla :/.  Unsure of how it would go over, Benji and I chose chocolate with sprinkles and hoped for the best.

When we got home from the store, I hung up the birthday bunting that a wonderful friend made for Sister's first birthday party; it's so cute that it may just have to be a new family tradition.  We also blew up a bag of balloons and surrounded the napping birthday girl.  When big brother turned two we covered the floor of his room with balloons.  It was just about the greatest thing ever.  He woke up so surprised and happy, he wanted to spend the entire day in there.  I wanted to duplicate that this time around, but unfortunately Little Miss still isn't sleeping through the night in her own bed so it just wasn't possible.  It didn't matter that there wasn't a room full of them, she was pretty darn stoked, and almost two weeks later she is still playing with the few that remain.

After the balloons, she finally got out of her pjs and headed back outside.  My parents came over to play and help us celebrate.  Thankfully, Sister LOVED her cake.  The butterflies made her forget all about wanting blue.  She wasn't a fan of the candles, but then again neither were the rest of us; the dang things didn't sparkle!  Oh well, it was still pretty tasty, and she was a happy kiddo all day long surrounded by her favorite people.  I think I'm gonna go ahead and call this birthday a success!

Her favorite birthday gift was a little play kitchen.  She seriously adores it!  The morning after her birthday she woke up, looked at me, and the first thing out of her mouth was not the usual "I want mama milk," it was "I'm going to go play with my kitchen now, ok?"  Then she leapt out of bed and we didn't see her for another hour.  She has played with it everyday, multiple times a day since it found it's way into our home, so of course I just had to photograph her with it :).

That same day I also attempted two year portraits.  Not that they were really necessary, given the ridiculous number of images I have of the kids lately, but really, what kind of photographer would I be if I didn't at least give it a shot right? ;). Well, she wasn't super cooperative.  She wouldn't sit still, didn't want to be where the pretty light was, wouldn't look at me; she just wanted to be picked up and wrestled with, so mostly that's what we did with a few snaps in-between.   Yup, that's right, my kid is a child photographer's worst nightmare.  And ya know what, I am more than ok with that.  I let her take the lead, gave her the freedom to be two, and look at her, she is absolutely perfect just as she is, without all the cheese! (yeah, yeah, biased mom moment, I know.  I really can't help myself).

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