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In These Moments | Play | Oklahoma Child Photography

Welcome to the very first installment of In These Moments, a lovely  collaborative where a group of us get together each month to share moments from our lives in pictures.  When you  get to the end of my little photo essay, click on the link at the bottom of the post to check out the next photographer's moments of play.  Keep on going until you've come full circle.

We just wrapped up Little Man's second ever t-ball season, and it was his best yet!  We were lucky enough to get signed up on a team with many of his buddies.  I for one LOVED this season.  It was a lot more organized and fun for the kids than the season before - it's seriously amazing what a year of maturity will do for sportsmanship and motor coordination.  It was wonderful to see him strengthen his existing friendships, and making new ones through sport.     

One day on the field, our super awesome coach told Benji as he was running the bases that he didn't even see him, that he was running so fast he just looked like a blur.  From that point on he ran the bases with every bit of his strength and enthusiasm, and gave himself the name "the Blur."  Yes, he actually asked me to call him that at home :).  I was beyond thrilled when he asked me to bring my camera to the last game of the season.  "You think you could capture The Blur, Mom?"  Be still my heart!  It was bitter sweet, his last game.  As much as I enjoyed watching and photographing him play and the season had been such a good one, I was sad to see it come to an end and so was he.

Keep on going! Visit In These Moments contributor Hannah Nielsen as she shares her playful story with you. While you're there, leave her some much deserved love in the comments.

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