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Stories in Seven | November | Norman, OK Family Photography

Welcome back to Stories in Seven! This is a monthly blog circle where you will find a collective of storytelling photographers doing what they do best; telling stories. When you get to the end of this post, please click on the link at the bottom to join the next photographer as she shares with you a personal story told in just seven frames, keep on going until you've come full circle.

My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary a few days ago.  It was one of the big ones, so we decided to do something special.  I refused to commit to the exotic vacation that he wanted because I didn't want to be away from the kids, but did agree to a weekend getaway at a fancy hotel and spa.  It was a lovely mini vacay, filled with  much needed time just the two of us. My parents were gracious enough to keep the kiddos while we were gone, which was kinda of big deal.  Our oldest has had many a sleepover at Nanny and Papa's house, starting when he was an infant, but the little one has yet to join him.  She definitely is a mama's girl and has only been away from me overnight twice, very recently, and she was with her Daddy.  I haven't attempted to dump her off with anyone else because she, one, often acts like she will die if she doesn't get to nurse at bedtime, two, because she can't/won't sleep alone and she is kind of a bed hog, three, because big brother isn't very fond of sharing his Nanny & Papa time with little sister (their house is his special place), and lastly, I wasn't willing to subject anyone else to the constant bickering and screaming between the two of them that I deal with on the reg.  My mom assured me she could handle them and was looking forward to finally get to host a sleepover with both grandkids.  Little Sis was super excited, but also a little scared and confused about being without mom and dad.  We went out the morning of the trip and she got to pick a special new book off the bargain rack at Barnes & Noble.  When we got home to pack her things she wouldn't let me read it to her: "no, mama, Nanny is going to read it to me.  Not you!"  She carried it proudly into the house and according to my mom she wanted to read it pretty much immediately after we left for the hotel.  She also carried with her, a favorite doll and pillow, and of course Bubba for comfort when she got home sick, which she did, but only a little.  

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  • Hannah Nielsen

    on November 9, 2015

    The first shot made me laugh out loud. So cute. And that cuddle shot...Love!

  • Cynthia Dawson

    on November 9, 2015

    I love the details and excitement you captured in these. So fun! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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