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Stories-in-Seven | September | Norman, OK Documentary Child Photographer

Welcome back to Stories in Seven! This is a monthly blog circle where you will find a collective of storytelling photographers doing what they do best; telling stories. When you get to the end of this post, please click on the link at the bottom to join the next photographer as she shares with you a personal story told in just seven frames, keep on going until you've come full circle.

A few months before her second birthday she told me she wanted to go to school like her brother.  I told her that when she started using the potty we could talk about finding a school for her.  A few weeks later, we were diaper free and she was ready to go!  Lucky for her I know a wonderful preschool teacher with her own fantastic little school that I just knew would be perfect for her.  We visited the preschool and teacher once about 6 months ago while there were no other kids there.  She loved it, and fussed when it was time to go.  When the first day of school finally came she was full of excitement.  She walked in like she had been there a million times before without the least bit of fear or hesitation (just like with everything else she does), quickly settling in to the classroom and forgetting I was even there.  Had I not followed her in, I wouldn't have even gotten a goodbye.  It's official, she is a big kid now, and I am simultaneously elated and heartbroken.                                                                           

Now head on over to visit AMY JAY PHOTO who will, from here on, be telling her stories from Africa!

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