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Stories in Seven | May | Norman, OK Documentary family photographer


Welcome back to Stories in Seven! This is a monthly blog circle where you will find a collective of storytelling photographers doing what they do best; telling stories. When you get to the end of this post, please click on the link at the bottom to join the next photographer as she shares with you a personal story told in just seven frames, keep on going until you've come full circle.

There are occasions when it's just me and the kids at home during bed time.  I took the chance last month to document their evening routine without daddy home, and even got in a shot myself.  It didn't make the cut for the last installment of Stories in Seven.  I wasn't pleased with the colors and didn't really have time to mess with it, but here it is if you're curious.

This time around I decided to try again; same story just a month later.  While culling the images, the ones that made my heart sing were the little details of the evening.  I usually try to throw in some detail shots for any story, but this month the details are the story; each moving me through the moments of their bedtime routine, but also telling individual stories that are so special to me.

Last potty of the night.  Probably not remarkable for anyone but me, but I'm really lucky and don't want to forget that.  She trained herself, before she was two.  C'mon now, how awesome is that for the both of us!?!  She doesn't want to use the toddler potty anymore, she tells me that two year olds go on the big [arms stretched wide] potty.  I think that she likes the challenge of climbing up and the fun that comes with flushing and swinging her feet.  

Last week a little girl at school told him he shouldn't paint his nails because only girls do that.  I wasn't surprised, I knew it would happen eventually, and we talked about it a while ago so he would be prepared when he started hearing those type of comments.  I was so proud when he told me him response: "That's just not true.  I'm a boy and I like wearing nail polish."  Preach it, Son!  He came home that same day and told me he wanted his nails clipped and new rainbow polish on his hands and feet.  He knows who he is and is so brave to put it all out there for everyone to see!  

They "paint" the walls with bubbles.  It will be a sad day when they decide they are no longer comfortable sharing a tub.  Playing in there together is so often the highlight of our day, and sure makes my job easier.

She acts like such a big girl now, but at nighttime the baby really comes out.  Don't you just wanna nibble those sweet chubby little toes?  I sure do!

She takes every opportunity to assert her toddler independence.  When I try to help her with her jammies she yells at me, "No, Mama!  I wanna zip it!  I can do it!"  Then will quickly ask for help when she can't get the zipper passed her knee.  I will zip it up to her tummy and let her do the rest.  She's always so proud to get the zipper to the top.  

Even brushing teeth is a competition.  It's a race to finish first, and victory goes to the one with the tooth brush on the top.  

When dad's not home, and we can't split the nighttime stories between the two of us, the kids get to chose at least one book each for me to read to them snuggled up in the big bed.  Tonight was an especially tough book choice.  The book fair was today, and we walked out with a truckload of awesome new reads.                           

Keep on going! Visit the amazing Stories-in-Seven contributor Jenny of Through My Lens by Jenny as she shares her story with you. While you're there, leave her some much deserved love in the comments.

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