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Birth Stories

Why hire a birth photographer?

Do me a favor, ask a parent, any parent, what the most important day of their life was.  Chances are they will say the day their child(ren) entered their lives.  A new baby changes everything.  A family is created or expanded, and our world changes in ways we can't ever imagine.  It's a moment worth remembering; possibly the moment in our lives most worth remembering.  Unfortunately the excitement of the day, hormones, pain, and medication can leave our memories fuzzy.  It's far too easy to forget all the details and moments that make up the birth experience, so why not document it?  Why not allow your birth partner to be completely focused on having a supportive role in the delivery room, to be free to feel all the emotions of the day without being distracted by trying to take somewhat decent photos in a dimly lit hospital room?  Why not have a photographer present to provide you a visual family history to tell the story of your most important day for years, even generations, to come?  Imagine sitting with your grandchildren, flipping through that album, telling them all about the day their mom or dad was born.  Can you imagine it?  

What to expect

At 37 weeks I will officially be on call, bags packed and waiting for word that baby is headed our way.  I will arrive at the hospital, birthing center, or your home after active labor has begun and will stay for about two hours after baby is born to document all those meaningful first moments (first feed, measurements, meeting family and siblings, etc).  

You can expect me to be part of your birth team.  If you need me to, I will hold your hand and offer up encouragement.  Mostly I will work to stay invisible.  I will not use any artificial lighting, or ask you to pose for photos as these things can interrupt the labor process.  The last thing I want to do is be a distraction.  I will not interfere with your care providers.  Their job of bringing you and your baby safely through labor and delivery is far more important than mine so I will respect the boundaries that they have set.  

You will receive a sneak peek of 2-3 images within 24 hours of your birth session, so you can share with all the family and friends eager to get a glance at your new bundle.  The rest will be delivered via an online viewing gallery in 3-5 weeks.  Because every birth story is different, I can not guarantee a specific number of images, I can however promise that you will have enough images to fill a beautiful keepsake album.  Take a look at the featured birth story to get a better idea of what sort of images you can expect of your own story.  You can also shoot me an email if you would like to see a birth session in it's entirety.  

How to prepare

Once you have decided that you want birth photography, talk to your care provider.  Some physicians and birthing facilities have rules against photography during labor and/or delivery.  You'll want express your wishes to have a photographer present and take notes of any restrictions that your photographer will need to know about.  

Next, get in touch with your photographer to book it while they can still accommodate you.  Because of the need to be on call for a lengthy period of time, most birth photographers can only accept a very limited number of commissions per  month, so it's in your best interest to secure a photographer as soon as you know you want one.  

If you have chosen me, we will schedule an in-person consultation where we will go over your birth plan and photography contract, but mostly we will just hang out to get to know one another.  Birth is an incredibly emotional and intimate time, so of course parents may feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a stranger in the room.  I want to make sure that you are as comfortable with me as possible before the big day arrives.

How much does it cost?

$875 includes: 

In-person pre-birth consultation

On-call and shooting time at hospital, birthing center, or at home 

Photographic coverage from active labor until two hours after delivery

Video slideshow that tells your story

All edited high resolution image files with print release

10x10 20 page storybook (upgradable)

14 day online proofing gallery with a minimum of 75 images

25% off of all ala carte print purchases

A $150 non-refunable retainer is required at booking and the remaining the balance is due at 37 weeks.  Gift registries are available is you would like to give loved ones the opportunity to contribute to the invaluable gift of memories documented.   

*As I build a birth portfolio, I am offering EXTREMELY deep discounts on birth coverage in 2015. Please inquire for details.

Hudson's Fresh 48

I would like photographs at the hospital but not from the delivery.  Can I have that?

Yes!  Fresh newborn stories are some of my favorites to tell.  After the excitement of the birth has worn off a bit, before the stresses of caring for a new baby at home take hold, while everyone is soaking in the wonder of new life, I can come and celebrate this time with you by documenting it with still photographs.  

Many parent's are convened about how they will feel or look while recovering from a birth, I urge you to push those concerns aside.  A newborn's first days go by in blur and those precious little new baby details fade so quickly.  Trust me, years from now you won't care how you look, and yes the images may remind you of how tired and sore your were, but they will also remind of you of how you felt, really felt, in those first few days with your new baby.

Fresh Newborn sessions are great option if you are planning a scheduled cesarian, as many hospitals allow limited to no photographs in the operating rooms.   Your investment for a fresh newborn session is the same as a family story.  If you are interested in a fresh newborn session, please have a look at the featured session to get an idea of what you can expect for your own story Featured Fresh Newborn Session.

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